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Welcome to Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co.

If you are in any way, remotely connected with the responsibility of protecting goods from the monsoon rains, then you have certainly heard of Anchor.

For more than seventy years now, whenever it's monsoon time, people in the industrial or commercial sector have more often than not, turned to Anchor. After all, experience has shown that all tarpaulins look alike, but very few are 100% water-proof! Anchor is one of the few.

Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co., as you may be aware, are the manufacturers of renowned Anchor Tarpaulins. Tarpaulins that are chemically coated in state-of-the-art plants for reliable water-proofing. Supported by stitching that remain stitched and eyelets that are designed to take stretch and pressure.

Also, Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co. are known for their expertise in the design, erection and maintenance of Monsoon Sheds (Tarpaulin Structures) for reliable protection. In an industry where reputation is hard to build, Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co. enjoy the patronage of the who’s who in the Indian industry. Amongst them, Balmer Lawrie, Merind, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Industries, Tisco... to name just a few.

Yes, if it's protection time from the monsoon, think of the people who have built their reputation through performance and commitment. Since 1936.