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Monsoon Sheds


If you are looking for a company that is well-equipped to design, erect and maintain monsoon sheds for 100% protection of your products, here are some pretty good reasons to consider Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co. (LCC). First and foremost, the fundamental solidity of a monsoon shed depends on the quality of bullies that are used as pillars. And stability depends upon the bamboos placed horizontally at angles to construct the roof.

At LCC, the bamboos used for horizontal angles are of the best quality and the bullies used for pillars are made from saroo ka jhaad which provide solidity that no other tree wood can provide. Anchor Cotton Canvas and HDPE Tarpaulins, are of course, manufactured by LCC. Quite naturally, the all important aspect of quality inputs are taken care of. Equally important is the fact, that LCC has a permanent team of skilled task-force which specializes only in the erection of monsoon sheds. And this team is headed by an expert structural engineer to provide solidity and reliability to structures with long spans and great heights. Also, double covering with Tarpaulins and PVC Sheets are used atop to eliminate leakages.

In short, men and materials, ensure that LCC constructed Monsoon Sheds are strong enough to withstand dusty winds, lashing rains and abnormal atmospheric conditions to provide the mandatory solidity and reliability.
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