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HDPE Tarpaulins


In terms of quality, nothing compares to Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins. But if you are looking for something that is economical and lightweight, Anchor HDPE Tarpaulins are just the right protective gear for your products. Manufactured by Lakhmichand Cooverji & Co., they are made from HDPE woven fabrics.

Depending upon the gauge requirements, they come in three layers with a layer of HDPE fabric sandwiched in between two layers of LDPE film. Or two layers of HDPE fabric and three layers of LDPE Film alternating between each other, in case of five layers. They are heat-sealed, 100% waterproof and immune to ultraviolet rays. And if you are thinking of unfriendly product attributes or atmospheric conditions, Anchor HDPE Tarpaulins are strong enough to resist acids, alkalies and salts.

Heavy duty eyelets every three feet on sides and corners, and complemented by heat-sealing make it possible forAnchor HDPE Tarpaulins to take stretch and pressure in its stride.
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